Moving to Cherryvale?

Are you thinking about moving to the Cherryvale area?

Cherryvale is a rural community in Southeast Kansas and the gateway to Big Hill Lake – fishing and camping. It is a place you can enjoy a quality of life – schools, churches, and businesses – and call it home.

Located in Montgomery County, with a population of 2,250, residents have access to healthcare, businesses, and education facilities from Kindergarten to Junior College. All located within Montgomery County.

Cherryvale is rich in history.  It is the birthplace of Louise Brooks a 1920’s silent film star, Vivian Vance who was well known as Lucille Ball’s funny side kick, and Frank Bellamy, the author of the Pledge of Allegiance.  We have a strong school and rich family values.

We have several “Landlords”  that we can help you with housing. For a complete list you can email or call the Cherryvale Chamber or call the Cherryvale City Hall.